The 7 Largest Aircraft Hangars

The 7 Largest Aircraft Hangars

Why Are Aircraft Hangars So Important?

Safeguarding vehicles from the outdoors keeps it in a good working order and protected from weather conditions. This idea applies to aeroplanes as well, specifically called an aircraft hangar. Aircraft Hangars are constructed to maintain and provide a shelter for aeroplanes.


The World’s Largest Aircraft Hangars.


  1. Spruce Goose Dome

The Spruce Goose Dome was built to house Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, which had the largest wingspan than any other aeroplane built. This dome remains the world’s largest free standing geodesic structure. This white sphere was formed with 4000 triangles on a framework of steel. After nine years, the Spruce Goose was shipped to a museum in Ore. This left an empty dome, leaving a nameless dome.

  1. Lockheed Air Terminal

Built during the World War II, the Lockheed Air Terminal was entirely camouflaged with netting to appear like a rural area. This kept enemies from finding out that there were military aircraft being manufactured and kept there.


  1. Boeing Everett Factory

The Boeing Everett Factory was originally a manufacturing plant rather than an aircraft hangar. Now, after Boeing plans are manufactured, they are housed there. This has been labelled the world’s largest building and can be toured my visitors.


  1. Hangar B

Hangar B, built in 1941 by the U.S Navy throughout the World War II, in the west coast of the U.S housed aeroplanes and blimps. This is possibly the world’s largest wooden structure, part of the Tillamook Air Museum.


  1. Aerium

Built in the mid-1990s, the Aerium Hangar housed the production and operation of the CargoLifter airship in Germany. Now called the Tropical Islands, this is the largest resort and waterpark boasting the “World’s Largest Indoor Rainforest”.


  1. Hangar One

This was built to house an airship called the U.S.S Macon, located in San Francisco Bay. The Hangar One opened in 1933 and roughly covered 8 acres.


  1. Hangar-7

Built by Red Bull founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, the Hangar-7 houses rare planes owned by a group of aeroplane enthusiasts called the Flying Bulls. The Hangar-7 is also home to a luxury restaurant located in Michelin with rotating guest chefs.


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