The Advantages of using Steel Structures as Aircraft Hangars

The Advantages of using Steel Structures as Aircraft Hangars

Anybody who’s anybody within the aircraft business is aware of the fact that even small planes necessitate a great deal of money to be invested and further, more still in maintenance. Choosing to have a steel aircraft hangar to house your aircraft provides a number of advantages including cheaper construction and labour costs, a stronger sense of security, a quick and simple assembly, a great deal of tractability in how your hangar is constructed and lower constant maintenance costs post construction.

For such reasons, steel has developed a standard for aircraft hangars. Both private and public aircraft investors have recognised the benefits and SM Structures takes pride in producing high-quality pre-engineered steel aircraft hangars with the industry’s most advanced technology and only experienced, professional steel building designers.


Additional Reasons Steel Benefits You

Additionally, a manufactured steel building can easily be built upon when an expansion is needed in the future. Should you anticipate an extra storage unit or larger floor plan will be needed at some point, a steel aircraft hangar has the ability to promptly and easily accommodate the extra space when the time comes along.

Steel structures are also very versatile for both its capabilities as well as aesthetics. The outer appearance can be altered or modified

to fit just about any specifications, and SM Structures’ steel building designers can help you in achieving the specific style and appearance you require or desire.

When such a distinctive structure like an aircraft hangar is needed, conventional building materials are quite expensive to create the required frame. Due to the high ceilings and spacious layout needed to house aircrafts, traditional building techniques are both limited and costly. The strength and robustness of steel allows for lofty, clear span ceilings and wide, open floor plans.

With regards to the outcome, owners and investors will acquire a steel aircraft hangar because of the less expensive price, lower labour expenses and the efficient process of building that takes only a fraction of the time and money compared to more traditional construction methods. Whether it’s the cost, durability, time, functionality or the virtually infinite customisation features, steel aircraft hangars, by far, is the smart choice for your needs.

SM Structures is a leader in the supplying of pre-engineered steel structures, including aircraft hangar structures. For many years, SM Structures has worked at supplying a lot of the finest aircraft hangar structures in South Africa. SM Structures has shown a passion for providing their pilot networks find means to shelter their planes in the most economical way possible. They understand the difficulty of protecting planes from unforgiving weather conditions, particularly some of the extreme conditions we experience in South Africa. In addition to steel aircraft hangars, SM Structures specialises in the manufacturing of steel products and the construction steel structures for various applications. For more information, visit their website.