Making The Most Out Of Your Warehouse Storage Space

Making The Most Out Of Your Warehouse Storage Space

If you feel that your business’s picking operations could use a little reorganising, or could use a do over when it comes to your warehousing storage space, these tips on how to maximise your warehouses capacity and efficiency will streamline the way your product makes it to your customers. Running a finely tuned warehouse is no easy task, and with a lack of organisation it is all too easy for things to slip through the cracks.

So, take a look at the following tips which are sure to make your warehouses a more efficient and cost effective space.

Prioritise your orders

Your most popular orders are likely determined on a seasonal basis, but that doesn’t mean that your other products won’t be going off the shelf at the same time. Because of this, you can benefit greatly from re-slotting you’re your warehouse to better fit your business model.

This should be undertaken at least once a year to account for changes in your business. Ensure that the correct media is in the correct locations to minimise travel and admin between them to save time, space and money on warehousing.

Make use of software to streamline your sequence orders

To err is to be human, but that doesn’t mean that your business will be forgiving of consistent mistakes (some of which you might not notice until it is too late).

Since we live in the digital age where there is a wide array of software types designed to help you streamline your warehouses storage and activities, you are doing yourself a huge disfavour by relying on traditional means of sequencing orders.

Compartmentalise your warehouse

It is also possible to streamline your warehousing efforts by compartmentalising those products which make up the bulk of your orders. Creating a warehouse within a warehouse with durable, lightweight materials such as steel building constructions is a great way to minimise travel between products, making things easier for your pickers. Just make sure that the structure can support high volumes if they are housing your most popular products.

Make sure your warehouse is cost effective

The actual construction of your warehouse is an important matter that can cost you time and money if approached incorrectly. Steel structures are a popular choice in this regard because their lightweight materials are inexpensive, economically viable and also durable.

Spending too much on the construction of storage space can cause problems for your cash-flow and operation time; but remember not to skimp too much on materials, your products do need proper protection after all.

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