Why Steel Aircraft Hangars are so Popular

Why Steel Aircraft Hangars are so Popular

Why Steel Aircraft Hangars are so Popular

Picking a steel aircraft hangar offers similar benefits pre-engineered metal buildings do. With a costly asset such as an aeroplane to protect, a construction that is difficult for Mother Nature to destruct is essential. In addition, steel aircraft hangars do not catch on fire easily.

What are the Benefits of Steel Aircraft Hangars?

Buildings constructed by steel are extremely durable, this means they are able to last many years with very little maintenance. Fungus is simple to control, pests cannot eat them, and is well ventilated and insulated.

The greatest thing about steel aircraft hangars is their scalability and flexibility. These metal buildings are able to tolerate large open spaces and giant doors suited for the shape and size of any aeroplane. This does not mean that the building can only accommodate the aircraft, but also workshops, living quarters and storage for the plane.

Protection of Steel Aircraft Hangars

Protecting an aeroplane while it is on the ground is a great concern. A steel building is able to meet and exceed local building codes because of the strength it consumes to withstand any environmental challenge. Aircraft hangars can be constructed to withstand high winds, heavy snow, or extreme heat.

Once a 60mph wind blasts through your area, it can do a great damage to an aircraft that is placed outside. In 1991, extreme winds wrecked many small and medium-sized aircrafts that were outside. The aeroplanes that had been stored in steel hangars didn’t even get a graze. If the aeroplane owners had invested in a steel hangar, the situation could have affordably been avoided. Steel hangars are much cheaper than those constructed with other materials.

Inexpensive Investments for the Future

The construction of aircraft hangars is fast and easy. Pre-engineered steel buildings come with clear plans of the construction, pre-drilled holes, fastenings for wall panels and roofs. Aircraft hangars can be customised to specific building needs, avoiding potential redesigning and rebuilding costs.

Steel buildings are almost maintenance free. With the correct ventilation and fastening systems, and no raw edges that can rust, and fungus should not be a problem. If additional protection is needed, there is a variety of coatings that is available.

If you have an aeroplane, you will want to protect it. SM Structures has created some of the finest steel aircraft hangars in the country. Protect your aircraft with a steel aircraft hangar. Let us assist in creating the perfect hangar for your aircraft!