Steel vs Brick – Steel always wins

Steel vs Brick – Steel always wins

Over the years more and more contractors have chosen use steel in construction over bricks, though bricks or beautiful they are more susceptible to the elements.  Which not only affects the lifespan of a brick building, it can also increase the time, cost, and labor involved in building it. Compared to brick structures, steel buildings are more cost effective, environmentally friendly and less labour intensive. Once constructed, steel requires significantly less maintenance compared with its brick counterpart.

Environmentally friendly:
Steel is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials. Most of the steel used in constructing buildings is made from recycled materials; it also requires fewer materials to be used when constructing a steel building which means more savings. Metal buildings offer heat-deflecting finishes and weather-resistant options, which increase their overall energy efficiency.

Saves on Costs:
Most steel buildings are pre-fabricated, or require the use of pre-fabricated parts, which decreases engineering, design, and construction costs. Since many of the parts are pre-cut and/or assembled, they require less labor, which also reduces your overall costs. Because the materials are so durable, your steel building will require dramatically less maintenance over its lifespan, which adds to the cost-savings over the course of the building’s lifespan.

Most damages to buildings are caused by the weather conditions. Expansion and contraction due to heat and freezing and thawing due to the cold, all this can take its toll on a building over time. Due to its porous nature, bricks are particularly susceptible to moisture damage and corrosion as the result of fluctuations in temperature and moisture. In addition to continued maintenance costs, this can contribute to mold and mildew growth, which compromises indoor air quality and can lead to serious respiratory-related health issues.

Constructing a building using bricks is mostly dependent on weather conditions, if the weather conditions are not favourable then construction has to be put on hold. Even in good weather, bricks come together small piece by small piece. Most metal buildings can be completed from start-to-finish in a matter of a few months, require little to no specialized building techniques and construction timelines aren’t as susceptible to the weather.

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