Steel vs Wood, why steel always wins

Steel vs Wood, why steel always wins

Cost, durability, structural performance and of course cost effectiveness are just some the things that builders look at when selecting the type of materials they would like to use for their building requirements. In most cases it is found that steel structures provide wise investment for builders and the occupants who live and work in these buildings.

When compared to it wooden counterpart, it is found that steel structures have the following benefits:

Unlike wood steel structures will not; rot, split or crack. Steel framed structures will not contract or expand due to moisture nor are they vulnerable to termite damage.

Due to the fact that steel is non-combustible it reduces the risk of the building being consumed by fire.

Cost efficiency
Steel structures are able to support more weight than wooden structures which means less material will be used, therefore allowing more floor space for the building.
Steel framed structures tend to reduce costs for the builder. Steel is typically fabricated off-site, reducing on-site labor, cycle time, and construction waste. Shorter construction time in turn equals lower financial cost.

Believe or not using steel studs is more convenient than using wooden studs, this is because steel studs are hollow inside, making them lighter in weight and easier to transport and store. They also are attached with screws, so moving studs is simple if you make a mistake.

Environmental Impact
Many steel studs are created from recycled cars and other metal structures, while wood studs only come from one place: a living tree. While trees are a finite resource that, once rotted, disappears back into the dirt, metal studs can be recycled at will, which means you can keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. Also, wooden studs often have to be treated with highly toxic chemicals to keep them from rotting, or to repel insects, while steel can be installed straightaway without the use of toxins.

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