Turbine Ventilators

Turbine Ventilators


Turbine ventilators are crafty pieces of machinery that do exactly what the name suggests. They create effective ventilation by harnessing the power of the wind. They are round, often stainless steel, vents that have fins in them. They work similarly to a turbo in a car. The slightest bit of wind is enough to get the ventilator spinning. The harder the wind is blowing, the faster the vent will spin, extracting whatever it is that needs to be extracted, heat, humidity, smoke, etc.

The mechanics involved in the air movement is very simple. The hot air inside the shed tends to rise up. When the turbines rotate, they suck the warm air out through the

vent, thereby, bringing out a drop in temperature in the shed and allow supply of fresh air through doors and windows.

The way these vents work is relatively simple. We all did primary school science and we know that hot air rises. The hot hair rises up towards the vent, it is then sucked into the vent blown out the roof of the warehouse causing a drop in the temperature.

The size, number and type of ventilator you will need will depend on a few things, the size of the warehouse, the wind speed outside, the environmental conditions, the difference between the outside and inside temperature. If you need lots of extraction you will need more ventilators or you could get by with fewer but the wind speed will have to be high enough. Ventilators are used in many different industries such as warehouses, factories, residential properties, etc.

Turbine ventilators have several advantages to them.

  • They do not need electricity to run as they are powered by the wind.
  • They are located in such a way that they extract the hottest air first.
  • They are 100% environmentally friendly
  • There are no operating costs for the ventilator
  • They are maintenance free

Turbine ventilators can in many sizes, ranging from 14 inches to 36 inches. They are located at the highest point of the building which puts them in the optimal place for optimal ventilation. They are constructed out of stainless steel so that they are resistant to rain water or other environmental factors such as birds. They have to be bird proof as birds will build their nests near the ventilators because of the warmth they create. They are also designed in such a way that they prevent backdraft into the building. They are also good looking and they add to the appeal of the building.

SM Structures will ensure that the correct turbine ventilators are installed on your warehouse or any other structure you wish to build.