Which Are More Versatile, Steel or Brick Structures?

Which Are More Versatile, Steel or Brick Structures?

Looking to invest in a structure that will stand the test of time, require little maintenance and will stand fast in the face of changing weather conditions? The hunt for which materials to use in your construction can be a challenging one, especially if you are not the engineering sort.

When it comes to the choice between bricks and steel as your main material, there is plenty of discourse to go around regarding which of the two provides the structure with more durability and versatility.

It is, however, an argument that requires very little thought. For you see, while there may be a number of advantages to opting for a brick structure, the steel ones outperform them by a great deal, and here are the reasons why:

Light Steel Frames are Notably Cheaper

With brick and mortar constructions there are a few construction factors to consider. Cement brick or red oxide clay requires plastering inside and out, and there are also regulatory insulation methods to be considered, each pushing the initial cost of building up. Prices range from around R400/m2 to R700/m2 without considering the insulation factor.

Steel on the other hand has excellent insulation and so requires considerably less money to use in building, but the cost is also determined by the finishes of the construction.

Utilities and Finishes

Another huge advantage of steel over brick is that you can save a considerable amount of time and money on installing utilities and finishes such as wires, plumbing and electrics. These items are put in before the inside walls are clad.

Added Free Space, Ease and Cost Effectiveness For Roof Trusses

Light weight steel structures offer more versatility for roof trusses and come at a cost around 15% cheaper than timber ones thanks to the ease at which they can be accurately placed, and the speed at which they can be constructed. They also make for added free space in the attic. Making their versatility, cost and advantages far greater than traditional materials.

Steel Lasts Longer and Is More Durable

Brick and mortar constructions tend to take damage overtime due to changes in the weather. As temperatures, cool and heat, structures tend to expand and contract accordingly which can damage the structural integrity of brick constructions over time.

Steel, on the other hand, is more malleable in the face of weather changes, taking far less damage even after a long time from expanding and contracting.

This means that your construction will last longer, be safer, and will require less restorative maintenance than traditional building materials.

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