Allowing you to build smart storage facilities

SM Structures allows you to build smart storage facilities. Our buildings offer you maximum space and speedy construction. Our advanced technology and superior materials allow us to construct column free buildings of limitless length. Continue Reading

Fully customisable buildings

SM Structures creates smart, fully customisable buildings to meet the unique needs of your retail store. Made of 100% South African steel, our buildings meet all building codes. SM Structures buildings allow for an abundance of space at a fraction of the cost. Our steel buildings can be erected significantly faster than brick structures. Continue Reading

Creating versatile workspaces

SM Structures specialises in creating versatile workspaces from 100% South African made steel. For your distribution and shipping facilitity, allow yourself the luxury of space while reducing your construction costs. Our advanced technology and superior materials allows us to consult column free buildings of limitless length. Continue Reading

Significance & joy involved in the creation of a church

Your congregation is like no other and your needs are equally unique. At SM Structures, we want to be a positive partner in your growth. We are sensitive to the individual needs of your congregation. Whether you need space for the youth group or administrative offices, a choir room or a kitchen, we have the… Continue Reading

Flying is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world

Ask any pilot and they will tell you how passionate they are about being in the sky. Their work is important to them, and similarly, our work is important to us. SM Structures, is a leading supplier of pre-engineered steel structures, including airplane hangar structures. For years, SM Structures has worked supplying some of the… Continue Reading

Installations by SM Structures

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SM Structures – Products

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SM Structures – Designs

Aircraft Hangars Church Buildings Distribution Warehouses Retail Spaces Storage Buildings Industrial Buildings Heavy Industrial Buildings Commercial Buildings Agricultural Buildings DIY There are many benefits to choosing steel as a building material for your structures, as opposed to traditional materials such as brick and concrete. At SM Structures, we source only the highest quality, locally manufactured… Continue Reading

The Brains Behind the Operation

Steve Maycock Steve Maycock is the CEO of the company and has been involved with engineering projects and structures for more than 16 years. Chris Nkosi General Manager -Technical . Chris has 16 years steel structural experience and is responsible for all technical issues relating to the erection of a steel structure. He takes the… Continue Reading

Different Types of Steel

The Different Types of Steel Steel is an alloy, this means it is not naturally found but made from man. The type of steel made at the end of the process depends on the various kinds of metals that have been melted and how the metals are cooled, heated and handled. Steel ranges in price… Continue Reading