The Benefits of Steel Structures Over Brick Ones

The Benefits of Steel Structures Over Brick Ones

Due to its history of being almost specifically used in industrial and agricultural applications, steel, as a building material has often been treated a little unfairly in being considered a material that is durable but unsightly. When you think of steel building constructions, your mind probably automatically jumps to ugly corrugated sheets that you may think have no place in your building. However, we are here to change your mind. There is an endless amount of benefits associated with steel structures, most of which are never seen in traditional brick buildings. So, let’s give steel the credit it is due and explore some of them.

Benefit 1: Steel is cost effective

Since most steel structures require prefabricated parts, they generally require less engineering, design and construction, which greatly reduces the cost of building when compared to bricks which, laid one at a time, greatly increases labour costs.

The versatile nature of steel also means that you would have to spend a lot less in the long run on maintenance and repairs.

Benefit 2: Steel is an economically viable resource in South Africa

Considering that South Africa is a notable manufacturer of high quality, lightweight steel; it is a little surprising that we don’t see more steel structures everywhere.

By opting to have a steel structure built, you would be doing a great deal to fuel the South African economy in this regard, since all the materials needed for building would be locally sourced and inexpensive to procure.

Benefit 3: Steel structures are easier to build and require less time

As stated above, the durable nature of steel structures, and the fact that they come prefabricated means you would cut your construction time down a great deal when opting to have one built.

Brick structures on the other hand are subject to the whims of the weather. If it is too cold, too humid or too wet, the construction of brick structures is slowed where steel structures are not.

Benefit 4: Steel is incredibly durable; bricks are not

Time is the enemy of everything, but it hits some materials a little harder than others. Brick structures take damage over time from the weather as well as expanding and contracting when the climate changes, and require quite a bit of maintenance as a result. Steel structures, on the other hand are more versatile, last longer and require less maintenance.

Benefit 5: You can apply the aesthetics you want to a steel structure

If your biggest argument against steel structures concerns their aesthetics, then perhaps you just need to employ a little more creativity. Prefabricated brick structures can be added to your steel ones to give them an aesthetic quality while not needing the maintenance of an entire brick structure. Of course, steel structures can also be painted to suit your preferences and to give them a more beautified style.

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