5 easy steps to follow when building a new warehouse

5 easy steps to follow when building a new warehouse

Steps to follow when building a new warehouse

It is time for your company to build a new warehouse. This is better than spending huge amounts of money leasing one. Also, a warehouse is an asset and it appreciates. One day you can sell that warehouse or rent it out to another firm.

Before you start excavating, follow these simple steps:

  • A plan

Before doing anything complex let alone building a warehouse, you need a plan. In this plan you will depict exactly what you are going to build, how big the structure has to be

to house your staff, goods that you are storing, machinery you own, expansion possibilities, ie, hiring more staff, can your warehouse fit more people inside? Your warehouse should also be set out in a systematical way.

  • You will need a civil engineer

Civil engineers are a prerequisite for any building project. Now that you have a rough draught of your warehouse, you need a civil engineer. Civil engineers are highly skilled professionals who are trained to deal with the most difficult building requirements. They can draw up an accurate sketch of the electrical grid you will need to power your future warehouse. They will also provide you with a highly accurate cost and time estimation for your project. You can easily find civil engineers online or you could go through an engineering company.

  • A suitable location

Location, location, location. Your warehouse will have to be on an open plot of land at the most economical location in terms of distance from your suppliers and customers. Being close to your customers can cut your delivery and other transport costs. It is also better to make it easily accessible to your employees so that they don’t sit in 2 hours of traffic every morning and arrive to work disgruntled.

  • A Budget

Leasing a warehouse is a lot less complicated because the rent will form part of your monthly budget. Building a warehouse will take a large capital outlay. You may have to save up enough money to build the warehouse. Ensure you have enough to fully complete the project or you will end up wasting it all and you will be suck with half a dream.

  • A new or improved lookBuilding a new warehouse creates endless opportunities for you to modernise your work space or rebrand your company or to give a different perception of your company to current and future clients.At SM Structures, we are committed to providing you with every single thing necessary to build your new warehouse.